Dienstplanung für Krankenhäuser, Großpraxen und Pflege

Automated staff scheduling

One Algorithm, many possibilities

You determine the rules, times, rooms, workstations, shifts, vacations, etc., and the planerio algorithm puts it all together. Automated, rule-based scheduling allows you to spend up to 75% more time on patients rather than on staff scheduling

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Besides the unique planerio algorithm, our software has many other functions:

Staff management

Staff management plays a major role in our work and gives the algorithm the right impulses for an efficient automated schedule

Qualification management

Every employee has different qualifications. Planerio automatically occupies a position with the best suited employee


If you operate several locations, the employees can be assigned to individual locations – or they can work at multiple locations

Workplace management

You can assign individual rules and staff members to a specific workplace

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Easy to manage

New employees can easily be added so your staff schedule is always up to date.

Make data-supported decisions within seconds

Who is available where and can take over the service or shift? With only one click planerio shows, which employee has the required qualifications and is available. planerio is also neutral and fair in the distribution of services – unpopular shifts are evenly distributed – therefore planerio can even motivate your employees

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Absence management

Taking annual vacation planning into account when creating the staff schedule is only one small feature. In addition, planerio offers many other great functions that make everyday life easier:

Annual vacation planning

Vacations can easily be requested and monitored. You can accept any requests in a single or multi-stepped process

Health-related absences

The system supports you in the event of employee absences and suggests how you can fill a vacant position with an available staff member.

Time tracking

Automatic time tracking

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Part-time employees

Part-time employees can also be assigned easily

Integrated time tracking

We offer a unique combination of automatic work scheduling and time tracking. This enables you to see immediately whether and how the actual work-times differ from the target-times.  Working hours can be recorded either directly online or via hardware terminals using RFID chips. Here we use our partner Datafox’ devices. These are known for their simple installation on site and communication via Wi-Fi. One of its special features is that even in the event of a power failure, your data remains in the system and will not be lost.

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Features for your employees

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Simplify the lives of both employees and the employer. With planerio work scheduling, employees can submit applications from anywhere, add individual comments and more.


Is easy to submit and can be confirmed with a single click from the staff scheduler

Sickness notification

Sickness notifications can be submitted conveniently from home (if desired).

Vacation planning

Our heatmap helps your employees to see immediately when holidays are likely to be possible and when not

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Further training

Training courses can easily be registered and approved with just one click

Personalized Views

Planerio shows the ideal view for every user

No matter who schedules and monitors the roster, planerio provides everyone with exactly the information that is relevant for the particular user. The different views for administrators, planners, employees, etc. can be precisely customized to your individual requirements

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Guaranteed data protection

With planerio your data is safe. The schedule data is processed exclusively on secure servers in Germany. All communication is SSL encrypted – recognizable by the green lock in your browser in the upper left corner of the search bar.

On request, it is also possible to arrange hosting on your own servers. Free trial

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