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Slide How Flexible can Care be? (in German) Together with the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DKFI), Planerio launched the research project "KI-Para-Mi" at the beginning of 2020 - for more flexibility and satisfaction in the card industry. Learn More LATEST NEWS Digitale Zeiterfassung Slide Planning Security During a Crisis (in German) LATEST NEWS In times of crisis, Corona has shown us that speed, flexibility, transparency and interactivity are crucial for personal planning. Learn More Slide LATEST NEWS Radiology - The Market Leader for Shift Scheduling Today, more than 100 radiologists rely on Planerio's shift scheduling feature. Learn More Automatische Dienstplanung, Mitarbeiter-App, Digitale Zeiterfassung, Lohnbuchhaltung, Abwesenheits Management, Management Tools, Automatic Shift Scheduling, Employee App, Digital Time Recording, Payroll accounting, Absence Management, Management Tools

Slide Dienstplanung in Zeiten der Corona-Krise AKTUELLES Insbesondere in Krisenzeiten ist Schnelligkeit, Flexibilität, Transparenz und Interaktivität entscheidend für die Personalplanung Mehr erfahren Slide VIDEO Slide AKTUELLES Künstliche Intelligenz Ihr Nutzen für komplexe Dienstplanungs- und Zeitwirtschaftsprozesse Mehr erfahren

One Product - Many Benefits

Functions and Services at a Glance

Automatic Shift Scheduling

Our rules-based intelligent algorithm calculates the optimal schedule for you. Everything can be taken into account—jobs, employee requests, vacations, qualifications, legal requirements, and much more.

Employee App

Being a member of a team also means having a say. Whether it be shift requests, shift swaps, or a digital request management system the possibilities are many. Real-time access to schedules, digital time sheets, and pay statements for fairness and transparency.

Digital Time Recording

Directly online or using RFID chips (hardware terminals), with digital time sheets, a freely configurable time recording profile, and automatic deduction of breaks—whatever your needs Planerio has you covered!

Payroll accounting

Automatic overview of payroll accounting for employees, recording of bonuses, and direct interfaces to all common payroll systems and SAP are all present and correct.

Absence management

Manage all types of absence broken down by occupational groups directly online. With a clear heat map showing the vacation status and management by the employees themselves, everything is definable.

Management tools

We provide data-driven decision-making tools for management and staff planning. This makes Planerio the operating system of choice for your human resources management. 

Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, we have up to 80% more time for patients


By combining artificial intelligence (AI) with the experience of millions of shift planners, we can fully automate the shift planning process. Our algorithm processes the complexity of any number of planning variables in a few minutes. Take advantage of the expertise of over 1000 shift planners, doctors, and care facility managers at over 500 locations and check the benefits of Planerio for yourself.

One Step Ahead in Innovation

Digital Research and Development

As part of the government-funded research projects KI-Para-Mi and PlanQK, Planerio is continuously working
on research and optimization of its unique intelligent algorithm based on artificial intelligence.

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