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Slide "Thanks to Planerio, we now manage to complete the shift planning of 300 employees with only 1.5 people who do not even work on it full-time. Before, we had six employees work on this task."
Dr. med Philipp Remplik, Medical Specialist for Radiology, Die Radiologie München
Slide "We have had Planerio for over two years and are extremely satisfied with the support and the Planerio team. Without Planerio, our shift and holiday planning would be impossible with almost 60 employees at four locations."
Alexandra Buchmann, Deputy Manager Radiological Center, AlpRad
Slide "The switch to Planerio has brought our personnel planning to a new level. Transparency, clear structure, and clarity - this makes work fun."
Nadin Willfahrt, Administration, Röntgeninstitut Düsseldorf

The challenges in practice management are certainly not getting any smaller. This is why Planerio is successfully working on the digital future of the everyday medical practice. We make shift planning, time recording or payroll accounting easy using state-of-the-art technology. With the help of a mobile app, we invite employees to help shape their working environment. The result: more freedom, flexibility and joy in daily work.


Planerio was developed by medical professionals for the healthcare sector and has already been tested in nearly all medical fields.


The unique planning algorithm ensures a smooth and clearly organized everyday medical practice.


Using the mobile app, employees can view the current plan at any time, lodge requests, swap shifts and manage absences.

10 Tipps für den perfekten Praxis Dienstplan

Slide Automatic Shift Scheduling Shift Scheduling at the touch of a button:
With Planerio, you will have more time for your patients and other essential tasks.
Slide Planerio Shfit Planning App Your employees can view their shift schedules on their smartphones and easily swap shifts at any time. Slide Absence Managment If an employee is not available, you do not have to search long for a suitable replacement: Planerio will automatically suggest a qualified substitute. Slide Clear Display of Working Hours Planerio allows intuitive and precise time tracking thanks to integrated file sharing and desired shift plans. Slide Automatische Erkennung und Anzeige

Planerio displays target and actual time as well as overtime and undertime of the employee's shift plan.
Slide Different Shift Plan Viewpoint The Planerio shift plan can be adapted for every individual. You can decide which employee, workstation, or matrix you want to display daily, weekly, or monthly. Slide Intuitive Time Recording No matter whether your employees record their hours automatically via the app, enter them on the computer, or transfer them via a hardware terminal: All working hours are centrally stored in Planerio. This way, you can keep track of all working times and evaluate detailed reports. Slide Efficient Preparation of all Bonuses Maintain all bonus data and personnel data in one central location and thus create the basis for stress-free payroll accounting. Enter Shift-related or Time-related Bonuses Contract Conditions The Planerio time management module automatically calculates bonus times. Planerio ideally maps collective agreements, works agreements, and individual contracts. Slide Radiology, Cardiology, Dentist, and Ophthalmologist Experiences from 200 Medical Practices

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