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Slide "Before, I used to have three different lists for only one profession, from which I had to compile shift plans. Now the entire department with over 100 employees is organized using the same program, including automatic planning and mobile access to the shift plan data - simply ingenious. When things do get stuck, the service is very helpful. I would decide to switch back to Planerio at any time.“
Prof. Dr. med. Maximilian Niyazi
Deputy Director, of the Clinic for Radiation Therapy and Radiooncology, LMU Klinikum
Slide "Thanks to Planerio, self-knitted and non-transparent Excel tables are a thing of the past. The shift plan is written in no time at all and every subsequent change can be clearly traced. Thanks to the Planerio team - it's fun with you!"
Dr. Philipp May, Assistant Doctor, Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg
Slide "The optimization of our internal processes was noticeable after a very short time. This was particularly evident in the communication between the various divisions. But at the end of the day, of course, the facts and figures are decisive. Planerio offers excellent analysis and reporting tools for comprehensive performance management. So the perceived improvement quickly became certainty."
Senior Physician, Munich Hospital
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Planerio focuses, i.a., on the complex challenges posed by the hospital environment.
A wide array of shift planning variables such as heterogeneous workplaces, specific qualifications, legal regulations, employee requirements, etc. are automatically converted into shift plans by our unique intelligent algorithm. The result: greater productivity and employee satisfaction characterize the everyday hospital practice.


As an expert in shift planning in the healthcare sector, Planerio focuses on the many planning variables in hospitals.


Whether it’s automated shift planning, time management or payroll accounting, Planerio is the intelligent operating system for personnel management in hospitals.


With the Planerio app, employees can actively shape their working lives at any time – request shifts, swap shifts, etc.

10 Tipps für den perfekten Krankenhaus Dienstplan

Slide Automatic Shift Scheduling Shift Scheduling at the touch of a button:
With Planerio, you will have more time for your patients and other essential tasks.
Slide Planerio Shfit Planning App Your employees can view their shift schedules on their smartphones and easily swap shifts at any time. Slide Absence Managment If an employee is not available, you do not have to search long for a suitable replacement: Planerio will automatically suggest a qualified substitute. Slide MDK-Compliant Shift Scheduling Planerio MDK-compliant shift shcedule maps all requirements and audit guidelines of the MDK. Slide Nursing Staff Floor (PpUG) Planerio shows you the PpUG for the different workplaces and monitors them for you. Slide Efficient Preparation of all Bonuses Maintain all bonus data and personnel data in one central location and thus create the basis for stress-free payroll accounting. Enter Shift-related or Time-related Bonuses Contract Conditions The Planerio time management module automatically calculates bonus times. Planerio ideally maps collective agreements, works agreements, and individual contracts. Slide Rights and Role Management Role management enables individual control of all access rights in the system. A transparent and configurable rights system regulates accesses and insights. Slide with the established hospital tools. Compatible Slide in all clinical departments and functional areas. Experience

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