Staff scheduling 2.0 for medical practices, hospitals and care services

Less effort for planning - more time for patients


Employees can easily share assignment requests and other preferences regarding working hours and scheduling via app or browser. planerio takes full advantage of the possible flexibility in your staff schedule and automatically creates an optimal and fair staff schedule – based on transparent rules that can be easily understood by everyone.

Unique algorithm
The unique and smart algorithm will be trained exactly to the special rules and needs of your department. The preferences of your employees, the qualification requirements of the workplaces, the legal requirements, etc.are used to design an optimal staff schedule with just a few clicks.
Fair Pricing

planerio does not require large investment costs. This is how planerio pays off right from the start. You only pay for functions that you really need and only as long as you use them. Billing is transparent per month per employee.

Work scheduling made easy with the  planerio algorithm

Our unique algorithm saves you time, money and work and will inspire your employees

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Advantages when scheduling with planerio

You determine the rules and parameters for automatic duty scheduling with planerio

Automatic schedule calculation

Our rule-based algorithm calculates the best possible plan, even in the most complicated situations

You set the rules

Equal distribution of weekend and night services or any other combination of your requirements

For hospitals, practices and care services

Custom-made to the planning needs of larger medical practices, hospitals and care services

Employee preferences are taken into account

Transparent and fair staff schedules with the best possible consideration of your employees’ wishes

Optional time tracking

A combination with integrated time recording is possible – online or with hardware terminals

Compatible with practice and hospital IT

Seamless connection to personnel management and payroll accounting possible

Data-supported decision making

Thanks to qualification and time management, it is immediately clear how alternative services can be planned

Guaranteed data protection

Professional encryption guarantees protection of personal data

Any number of combinations

planerio has numerous functions that can all be applied to the algorithm

Have a look at the unique functions of planerio

planerio Funktionen

Customers who place their trust in us

What our clients say:

“The automatic calculation of the staff schedule leads to a fair distribution of services among employees. This is supported by transparent statistics. Employee satisfaction with the schedule has improved significantly in recent employee surveys and is now close to 100%”.

Marco, assistent doctor

“Automatic staff scheduling was introduced at the Großhadern Hospital before 2012 and has been running excellently ever since. With a few clicks, the staff schedule for the next 3 months is automatically calculated. The swap of duties has also been greatly simplified and can be carried out in an extremely short time.”

Florian, Responsible for shift planning

Klinikum Großhadern – Radiologie

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