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Slide "For me, Planerio means being involved in something new, benefiting from the constant development and being surprised by the automatic planning".
Judith B., Division Manager, Bärenfamilie Essen
Slide "Fortunately, I was able to accompany Planerio as a project in our company from the very beginning, expressing wishes and optimization. The collaboration worked very well; we grew together and achieved a lot in the end. Every employee can now enter into the shift plan without much paperwork and endless forms, e.g., vacation applications, work requests, sick days, etc. Thus, much work for the shift planners is reduced.
Carolin Bach, Head Deputy of Department, 365°
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Automated processes are often perceived by employees as more transparent, fair and flexible.
But the most important factor for employee satisfaction is the ability to have a say. Whether it is shift swaps, shift requests, vacation planning, payroll, applications or automatic time reconciliation – with an intuitive mobile app, Planerio focuses on everyone who is caring for others
The result is less admin and more time for what matters.


From MDK to PpUGV [care personnel regulations in Germany]- Planerio knows all the specifics and requirements of the care industry thanks to years of experience.


Thanks to the automatic shift planning based on artificial intelligence, Planerio is always there helping planners and carers to find a solution


With shift request and swap functionality and automated time recording, carers once again have control over their work.

10 Tipps für den perfekten Pflege Dienstplan

Slide Automatic Shift Scheduling Shift Scheduling at the touch of a button:
With Planerio, you will have more time for your patients and other essential tasks.
Slide MDK-Compliant Shift Scheduling
Planerio MDK-compliant shift shcedule maps all requirements and audit guidelines of the MDK.
Slide Employee Satisfaction Planerio allows intuitive and precise time tracking thanks to integrated swap exchanges and desired shift plans. Slide Automatic Shift Swaps Employees can easily swap shifts with each other. Planerio maps these changes quickly, automatically, and without an approval process in the shift plan. Slide Efficient Preparation of all Bonuses Maintain all bonus data and personnel data in one central location and thus create the basis for stress-free payroll accounting. Enter Shift-related or Time-related Bonuses Contract Conditions The Planerio time management module automatically calculates bonus times. Planerio ideally maps collective agreements, works agreements, and individual contracts. Slide Personnel data InEK Planerio creates an interface to InEK and thus takes into account case group maintenance and coding in the area of economy. Slide Nursing Staff Floor (PpUG) Planerio shows you the PpUG for the different workplaces and monitors them for you. Slide in outpatient, geriatric and inpatient settings. Experience

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