Dienstplanung für Krankenhäuser, Großpraxen und Pflege

Staff scheduling for hospitals, medical practices and care services

If you ever had to design a staff schedule you know exactly how hard and challenging it can be. This automatic staff scheduler not only organizes your doctors in a efficient way, but also in a way that satisfies them. Planerios software can also organize technical personnel, helpers and caregivers.


Our solution is much more than an Excel spreadsheet with names. numbers and colors, it can organize shifts for hundreds of of doctors and other Employees. It’s always an enormous challenge to get everyone, from trainee to chief physician, into a properly working schedule. The whole system hast to work in harmony, it has to be able to adapt to individual preferences and wishes. With a simple Excel spreadsheet it’s impossible to efficiently solve the problem. – What if doctor A and B want so switch their shifts? Or what if John, the dentist’s assistant, has an emergency and needs a replacement?

Often these issues don’t affect the patients experience and that’s a good thing. A automatic scheduling system can drastically improve this very same experience. Now doctors and other staff have more time for the individual patients and are relieved from stressful discussions about replacements, vacations and other reasons for changes in their schedule. Employees can easily request and communicate vacation requests, changes in their schedule and sick leave notifications to their employer via a mobile app. The continuous flow of emails about vacation times becomes unnecessary. Now every employee can use a heatmap to see when  a leave is possible and can plan accordingly. Preferences can easily be taken into account without several people having to worry about them for several days and having to move names back and forth on large boards to create the perfect staff schedule.All this is possible with the Planerio algorithm. Our unique software, which is available in the browser and on smartphones, enables you to save almost 75% of the time it normally takes to design a working schedule. planerios functions

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